Civil War Rifling Machine (1853) App App Reviews

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Great App

I love it BUT it hasn't run since I got IOS-7 So far I'm not happy with IOS-7 but there was plenty of time to get this app running under it.


Very informative, and surprisingly fun! I think I actually said, "Wow!" once as I picked up on a nuance of the machine I hadn't previously noticed.

Very nice

I agree. More early machine models would be great. This was a very nice informative app. Well done, and my kids enjoyed being able to see how it worked.

Wonderful App!

This is a great learning tool. As a mechanical engineer, I would love to see more machines explained like this! If the developer would like any 3d modeling help, let me know!!!

Can't open

Only screen "loading" then out.

OMGosh this is Amazing

I realize this free model must have been created as an advertisement for the two company's capabilities but I would love to see more industrial age mechanical models.

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